Clinics We Offer

Minor Surgery

Dr Hassan, Dr Brennan and Dr Yunas carry out the minor surgery in the practice. This is mainly on Tuesday mornings, in term-time and includes soft tissue procedures and joint injections. 

Suitable problems include sebaceous cysts, skin tags, in-growing toenails and moles. If you are uncertain about your problem, then please make an appointment with a doctor.

Please note that we accept referrals from other practices in our locality and these should be addressed to Dr Hassan.

The nurses and Dr Hassan offer liquid nitrogen treatment for suitable skin lesions such as warts and verrucas.

Contraception & Women's Health - Registered and Non-Registered Patients

We offer an extensive range of women’s services including advice and supply of all forms of contraception. Contraception is provided free of charge. Emergency Contraception is available during our opening times by making an appointment or seeing the duty nurse on a walk-in basis.

We also offer sexual health advice and advice and prescriptions for HRT. Our nurses provide the majority of these services and appointments can be pre-booked up to 2 weeks ahead, with some also being available on the day.

Dr Horton, Dr Yunas and our Sexual Health Nurse, Wendy Galloway offer Nexplanon implant insertion & removals.

Dr Hadfield, Dr Horton and Nurse Wendy offer Intra-uterine Device (IUD) and implant fittings for registered and non-registered patients. Patients of the practice can call reception to book an appointment for this service.

For those who are not registered with the practice, please follow this link. Once you have registered as a temporary patient please make an appointment for your procedure.This is including people who have not completed a pregnancy. We are able to make arrangements at local family planning clinics for people who are unsuitable for fittings in the practice.

Emergency Contraception is available during our opening times and this can be obtained by making an appointment or seeing the Duty Nurse on a walk-in basis. Please attend as early as you possibly can.

Sexual Health Testing

The practice offers free (Besure) self-test kits for men and women for chlamydia.

All of our doctors and nurses can offer the full range of STI tests for patients with symptoms.  Please note that we are not able to offer a full screening service due to the volume of testing needed but are able to test those with symptoms and at significant risk.

The Local GUM Clinics are based in the centre of Birmingham at Whittall Street Clinic, Whittall Street, Birmingham. B4 6DH or in the Sexual Health Clinic at Basement, Boots the Chemist, High Street, Birmingham. Appointments can be made for either venue on 0121 237 5700.

Alternatively you can visit Hawthorne House in Heartlands Hospital in Bordsley Green.

Child Health Surveillance

Dr Boulter, Dr Hadfield, Dr Brennan, Dr Horton and Dr Basra conduct the new-born (8 week) development checks - please book a double appointment with reception and bring your child's Red Book with you.

The health visitor carries out the later health checks.

The nurses can administer childhood vaccinations when they are due.

Antenatal Care

Please make an appointment with the doctor of your choice as early as possible (ideally before you become pregnant) to discuss issues around pregnancy and to start folic acid pre-conception (this minimises the chance of having a baby with spina bifida.)

We have a midwife who attends the practice. She is available on Tuesday afternoons. The midwife is based at Harborne Medical practice in Harborne and can be contacted on 0121 427 2511 or 0121 627 2660.

Supervised Examinations

We provide this facility on behalf of the University of Birmingham. It is available to all students who need medical supervision during an examination. You will need an assessment by a doctor and will also need the agreement of the Exams Office along with the relevant academic department.

Other Services

Our highly trained nursing team also offers appointments for:

  • Dressings and Wound Care
  • Minor Injuries and illnesses such as sore throats, influenza, diarrhoea and vomiting, bladder infections and conjunctivitis
  • NHS Health Checks (by invitation for over 40s)
  • Diabetic and Asthma reviews
  • Blood Pressure Checks